Our unique system and curriculum teach the academics also train the kids with the following skills by various activities and workshops


To know their speciality and habit of making them special from others


Thinking beyond the limits and breaking the chains of the imagination

Inter-Personal Skills

Socialising and communicating with their surroundings without any fear or hesitation

Problem solving

Act of finding the solution by developing the presence of mind

Team building


Making them to be a good team player by being a good Alpha of a crew

Decision making

Analyzing and instant decision making ability will be trained in their daily activities so that they’ll be expertise in making decisions and critical thinking


Leading and managing skills will be trained by building a good connection with a team or a group by motivation and empathy

Time management

Punctuality and allocation of time will make them time billionaire which many don’t have

Emotional intelligence

Emotional stability and understanding others emotional flows will be groomed to think them logically at all the time

Skill management

Identifying and glorifying their own self by grooming their skills they have


Adapting themselves to the situation by the patience and deep understanding will be trained to be the strong one

Innovative thinking

Making the Unique perception will be created by perspective thinking, creativity and development