Einstein Kids

India’s First Kidspreneurship School, our curriculum designed in the UK and this EDUCATIONAL curriculum is followed in all its schools across the world

Who we are

EINSTEIN KIDS INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL – Kidspreneurship program is designed to educate the child intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially in a stimulating environment that encourages creativity and self expression.
Einstein Kids follow the 3P’s (Patience, Perseverance and Passion) in Kidspreneurship training and 4C’s (Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Communcating & Collaborating) in academic development.

Why Us

Kidspreneurship is a new breed of education where we start the entrepreneurial journey among the kids. The learning methodology is completely designed to create the Entrepreneurial DNA among the kids. The leaders, innovators, changemakers and impact creators will be groomed who are the future sculpts of the fast growing world. This is the point to make the real difference and we’re there to do it in an extraordinary way. We feed various skills and characters for the kids to be a successful kidspreneur to make the difference by learning the unique skills which the world needs.

We not only teach we also train the kids with various skills under the KDP – (Kidspreneurship Development Programme)

einstein kids international preschool
einstein kids international preschool


Our main vision is to create a special platform for the one who wants to be a change maker. Many turfs are there for technicians and for soldier bees but only very few are struggling to make this space to train the real leader’s education. For the better world for the better future we’re there for the better of the best educational methodology.


For this fast growing world it needs the real innovators and change makers. Modern problems need the modern solution, in search of the solution we found this new breed of educational methodology. Entrepreneurial DNA has been developed in the society not only to create future CEOs but also for the future pioneers in every field. They can travel in any field but they’ll be best and unique also they deserve a special place from their unique point of view. We train the kids to view this world through their eyes in a different unique way which the common populace won’t see.

Social Impact

Since they won’t accept and see the world in the usual manner like everyone does they’ll make the difference by their beautiful masterpiece in every field. By changing the new point of view we can see the modern developments and they’ll lead the world 10years in fast forward. Every field will deserve a better thinking individual to make the difference. A new ecosystem and new ideology will be created among the society. The individual needed for the future world will be created here by this unique educational methodology. Wherever they go they’ll be heroes, they’ll be the leaders and pioneers this creates a strong difference in the society. This will bring a great social impact in the future.

einstein kids international preschool