21st Century Education


Early Childhood Education in 21st Century

The 21st century serves as a platform showcasing excellence across various domains, and Early Childhood Education (ECE) stands out prominently among them. ECE has undergone significant evolution since its inception, transitioning from traditional classroom instruction to hands-on experiential learning. Today, a plethora of innovative strategies and application-oriented teaching methodologies are available.

At EKIP, we are dedicated to embracing the latest and most effective educational approaches fully. We infuse our own distinctive touch into these methods and implement them practically within Einstein Kids International Preschool. Our efforts have yielded successful outcomes, with children displaying remarkable growth and development. Currently, our schools employ a suite of teaching techniques centered around critical thinking and practical application. These methodologies are meticulously crafted and implemented by proficient professionals who excel in their respective fields.

Over the Horizon

We specially focused in building various clubs to practice the 21st century education among the kids